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Tranglo Expands Presence in Middle East with LuLu Money Collaboration

Strengthening Cross-Border Transactions: Tranglo and LuLu Money Partnership

Tranglo, an esteemed hub for international payments and a trusted ally of Ripple, is making significant strides in expanding its presence in the Middle East through a new collaboration with LuLu Money. By partnering with LuLu Money, a subsidiary of Lulu Financial Holdings based in Abu Dhabi, Tranglo aims to streamline and accelerate cross-border transactions, marking a noteworthy milestone in its regional growth.

Tranglo’s Innovative Solution: Tranglo Connect and Real-Time Payments

Tranglo brings its Tranglo Connect solution to the table, a platform that optimizes the entire payment process through direct API access. Notably, Tranglo stands out by processing an impressive 80% of its payments in real time, surpassing the global industry average. This strategic move comes after Tranglo unveiled a payment corridor in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) last August. The partnership with LuLu Money builds upon the distinct strengths of both organizations, positioning them at the forefront of seamless cross-border payment solutions.

Leveraging RippleNet: Tranglo’s Cross-Border Payout Services

Furthermore, Tranglo offers cross-border payout services by leveraging RippleNet. It is worth highlighting that Tranglo has a longstanding partnership with Ripple, with the crypto company holding a significant 40% stake in the organization. Tranglo’s collaboration with LuLu Money further enhances its capabilities in facilitating efficient and secure international money transfers.

Digit9: LuLu Money’s API-First Platform for Seamless Remittance-as-a-Service

LuLu Money is also well-versed in payment technologies. The company operates Digit9, an API-first platform that empowers financial institutions to extend their services to other financial entities and fintech firms. This remarkable platform enables seamless remittance-as-a-service, expanding their customer base globally through LuLu Financial Holdings’ extensive network. By combining their expertise, Tranglo and LuLu Money aim to provide enhanced cross-border payment solutions in the Middle East and beyond.


Article Written By: OG AMOS

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