You are currently viewing XNEWS – Global 9 May, 2023  XdRiP’s XMARKET Gains Momentum as Ripple and XRP Make Waves in Africa

XNEWS – Global 9 May, 2023 XdRiP’s XMARKET Gains Momentum as Ripple and XRP Make Waves in Africa

Project XdRiP’s Latest Contest and Exciting Future Plans –

The XdRiP team is thrilled to announce the progress of our Marketplace project, which is advancing rapidly. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the winners of our latest contest, and to our grand prize winner, who will take home the very first exclusive Medal of Honor NFT. Our development team is working tirelessly to complete the highly anticipated Medal of Honor NFT collection and the XMARKET NFT marketplace, poised to become the OpenSea of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).


Secure Storage and Expanding Goals-

The XMARKET will utilize the same secure storage and interplanetary file system as OpenSea, following the lead of the major players in the NFT space. As the project continues to grow, XdRiP’s future goals include creating our own XCHAIN XBLOCK Proof of Stake blockchain, an associated wallet, a movie deal, a first-person shooter with metaverse play-to-earn (P2E) capabilities, and much more. Family and friends of XdRiP should keep an eye out for the latest chapter in our real-life story, “Tales of Xdripia,” told through science fiction by our genius graphics developers. Be sure to join our newsletter, follow our social channels, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for the latest updates.


Ripple’s Growing Presence in Africa-

Ripple and XRP are making significant inroads in Africa, as revealed by the “African Blockchain Report 2022” by CV VC in collaboration with South Africa’s Standard Bank. Ripple’s technology is now being utilized in 13 African countries, offering a modernized payments system with its On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) solution. Electronic payments revenue in Africa is projected to grow 20% to $40 billion by 2025, and Ripple’s growing global network is partnering with local financial institutions and fintechs to bring the benefits of cross-border remittances to the region.


Blockchain Market Growth and the Canton Network-

As the global blockchain market continues to grow, Ripple’s expansion in Africa highlights the potential of digital payment service providers to revolutionize the continent’s financial landscape. The Canton Network, a project involving major tech and finance giants such as Microsoft and JP Morgan, is also set to improve privacy and control for financial platforms. With blockchain technology unlocking new opportunities and driving efficiency in global trade, Africa is experiencing a shift towards Lightning network transactions and stablecoins due to soaring Bitcoin transaction fees.


Stay Connected with XdRiP-

Remember to stay connected with XdRiP through our newsletter, social channels, and YouTube channel, and watch out for “Tales of Xdripia” as we continue to make strides in the world of NFTs, blockchain technology, and beyond.


Article Written By: OG JIM

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