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XNEWS TODAY – Global 5 May, 2023


Ground-breaking case of NFT insider trading, the launch of Mastercard’s new crypto verification solution, Coinbase’s international expansion, and more. But first, we have some exciting news to share about our very own XdRiP project and XMARKET NFT marketplace.

XMARKET NFT Marketplace and XdRiP’s Medals of Honor Collection:

Our dev team has been making excellent progress on the XMARKET NFT marketplace, and we’re thrilled to announce the newest addition tour dev team, X-Jordi!. His skills and drive to learn will help us accelerate our progress towards completion as we approach the release of our highly anticipated Medals of Honor NFT collection. We appreciate all of our supporters and marketers who have helped us along the way. The wait will definitely be worth it!

Insider Trading and Mastercard’s New Solution:

Moving on to the latest in blockchain and crypto news, a former Head of Product at OpenSea was recently found guilty of wire fraud and money laundering for using non-public information from his employer to trade on NFTs in 2021. This marks the first-ever digital asset insider trading case, and the verdict establishes a significant precedent by utilizing traditional fraud charges to prosecute trading in digital assets based on inside information.

In other news, Mastercard has launched a new customer verification solution for Web3 that will help enhance trust for consumers and businesses transacting using blockchain technology. The solution, called “Mastercard Crypto Credential,” taps into Mastercard’s CipherTrace blockchain analytics tools to verify trusted addresses and support AML/CTF compliance.

Coinbase International Expansion and Sports Illustrated’s Box Office NFT Ticketing Platform:

Coinbase is expanding its business by launching a derivatives exchange for institutional crypto traders based outside the US. The newly launched platform, named Coinbase International Exchange, will allow Coinbase to compete with offshore players like Binance in the crypto derivatives market. Meanwhile, Sports Illustrated has launched its own NFT-based ticketing platform called Box Office, allowing fans to purchase and own digital collectibles that represent event tickets.

Europe Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Market:

Lastly, we turn to Europe, where digital asset use and adoption is gradually increasing. The UK has revealed a low percentage of surveyed respondents claiming to own cryptocurrency, while Germany has seen an increase in the number of people who have invested in crypto in the past year. Europe has also seen an acceleration in the introduction of tighter regulations relating to crypto, with authorities in the EU establishing licensing and supervision rules as of 2024.

Wrapping Up:

That’s it for today’s XNEWS DAILY. Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter and visit our YouTube channel for the latest updates on “Tales of XdRiPia” and our origin story. Stay tuned for more updates from XdRiP and XMARKET!

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