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XdRiP Continues Global Expansion Amid Crypto Banking Challenges in Europe

XNEWS Global – 22 March 2023

As excitement builds around the XdRiP team’s recent video release, “Tales of XdRiPia,” and the upcoming Medals of Honor collection, the cryptocurrency landscape faces challenges in Europe. Crypto firms are searching for banking partners following the collapse of crypto-friendly lenders Signature Bank and Silvergate Capital. As Credit Suisse’s faced a near-collapse and eventual acquisition by UBS, there has been a surge in demand for services from Swiss banks.

Switzerland, known for its stable and crypto-friendly regulations, has become an attractive destination for these companies. The country has even created the “Crypto Valley” in the region of Zug to accommodate start-ups and established digital currency firms.

CryptoUK, a self-regulatory trade association, has called for action to address the de-banking of digital asset firms in the UK. It proposed a “white list” of registered companies, which would allow registered crypto businesses to transact with banks without limitations or threats of bans. The proposal follows similar concerns among digital asset advocacy groups and lawmakers in the United States.

As the XdRiP family expands globally, the challenges and opportunities within the European crypto landscape will continue to shape the industry. We encourage our friends in Europe and surrounding areas to stay informed and engaged with the latest developments. Be sure to check out the “Tales of XdRiPia Origin Story”  video on our YouTube channel, like, subscribe, and share with your friends. Don’t forget to join our newsletter and follow us on social media to stay updated on all things XdRiP.

Together, we can continue to build a strong, global XdRiP family!

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