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OpenSea To Integrate The BSC

Binance Smart Chain has announced that BSC NFTs will now be available for listing on OpenSea.

Partnering with OpenSea’s marketplace now allows BNB support for all artists and collectors to list or purchase NFT’s. The full integration is scheduled to be finished by the end of 2022.

Binance aims to lower gas fees, do away with setup fees, and ensure easier confirmation from the user. This will allow a larger presence to be made by those investors who have yet to venture into the NFT market due to fear of high pricing and lack of royalty enforcement.

This move by OpenSea comes after a recent announcement to expand support to additional block chains. Furthering their presence as the world’s largest NFT marketplace. This move falls in perfect correlation with Binance’s launching of a $10 million fund stimulating the growth of the BSC block chain.

Will you be purchasing any NFTs when the BSC is integrated with OpenSea? Or have the past security issues with OpenSea caused enough concern to stay away?

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