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XdRiP Launches Its News Channel!

As another week comes to a close, XdRiP has been working silently in the background, preparing for a big move into the crypto space. Soon, XdRiP will be a well known name, highly respected and heavily followed.

Even with the American holiday, the weeks progress has gained steam and is moving into something very exciting.

One of the main points we can take from Ripple and XRP is that no matter the market conditions, our greatest achievements are built when the curtains are drawn.

The team has been very excited about the upcoming launch of our new channel XNews. A community focused resource of current news and events that also includes an interactive blog.

With a lack of education and knowledge sharing in the crypto space, paired with the most recent events caused by fallout from FTX, there has been an even uglier picture painted in the portrayal of cryptocurrency.

We at XdRiP strive to not only be forefront on these issues, but also to be a leading force in making changes and bettering the cryptocurrency space overall.

Along with this announcement, the team has also dropped information on our newly inspired excitement surrounding our NFT’s. We have had a very recent addition to the design team that has literally flipped our minds into an even higher standard of Xcellence. This new addition is going to allow us to direct our focus toward NFT development. We anticipate an earlier than originally expected launch date. You will see a much higher level of quality and interaction then we even imagined.

As we have always been with our announcements, we will be as transparent as possible regarding development stages. Of course we will need to keep the bigger developments to ourselves in hopes of truly bringing something unique to the space. What I can tell you at this moment is “JPEG’s don’t have a thing on what is coming from XdRiP!”

As you browse through the “Xnews” channel be sure to leave and respond to comments, being an engaging part of bettering of this crypto space for all involved (or you could say all of us)

We welcome any member to the channel, whether they hold XdRiP or not. We are a family, and we move in unison!

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    OG Brad

    Any suggested articles of conversation please just let the team know and we will start a write up about that. This will help keep organization thru the site on the topics being discussed

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      Love the New Xnews addition. The most up to date and honest outlook in the crypto space is now in Effect. A NEW LEVEL OF XCELLENCE.

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    Amazing work from all team members who made this possible. Very proud to be a part of Xdrip.

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    Loving the clean news channel on the site! Awesome work by an awesome team and community

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    OG Jordi__

    Looking sharp can’t wait for the many news articles and discussions to appear

  5. Avatar photo
    Og Steven

    Glad to be a part of this growing community! Couldn’t ask for a more honest and hardworking dev and team! Watch this space! The only way is up! 🚀🚀🚀

  6. Avatar photo
    OG Flo

    Engines are warming up in the XdRiP community – I like what we have, I’ll love what we’ll become 👽🤖

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