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Is $XRP The Catalyst We All Are Waiting For?

Over the past 2 years there has been arguably more attention on one cryptocurrency than any other in the market. Whether you’re a holder, supporter, or even an anti – supporter it’s likely you’ve had at least one conversation regarding XRP or Ripple recently.

With the constant news draw and blatant hypocrisy of the SEC, the argument could also be made that XRP holds the highest level of influence over the entire crypto market, yes even over BTC. We
have seen multiple moments throughout 2022 where XRP has influenced the market. Multiple “bullish” comments, a Garlinghouse tweet, or even court room hearing proving to be just a few examples. I do not anticipate the hype ending anytime soon as the eyes of the crypto world grow increasingly focused on Ripple vs SEC as we wrap up the fourth quarter of 2022.

Throughout the year Ripple and the XRPL have been working tirelessly and what impresses me the most is the inability to slow down their development. Their determination and drive can be seen in things like The Ledgers push to improve their NFT marketplace and minting systems. With the most recent launch of the xls-20d, I believe they have truly created an opportunity for the Ledger and it’s XRP army to compete with the larger marketplaces such as Open Sea. Just a few days ago the Ledger hit a record achievement when 1 XRPLPUNKS NFT sold for 108,900 $XRP equivalent to $44,000 USD.

So, what does this all mean for the overall market? To me there is a storm brewing with bullish sentiment all directed around Ripple and XRP. As the market continues its volatile movements the case between Ripple and the SEC is slowly reaching its culmination point. When this case ends and there is 100% clarity on what a security is and is not (XRP is not a security), I feel we will hear the metaphorical exhale of relief over the entire crypto space. The big bad SEC will have been defeated in turn allowing the confidence of developers, project owners, and innovators of the space to skyrocket.

Every bull run has had a catalyst, a marker of the bottom either in price or market sentiment. It is my absolute belief that the end of the case will bring about a shift in the market, one that I will be ready for. Utility projects are going to reign supreme and those projects and developers willing to fight against the largest names in the financial world will create opportunities for investors that will change lives by creating not just wealth, but potential generational stability.

As we close out the fourth quarter of 2022 it will be time to pay close attention to any of the news coming out of the Ripple camp. We at Xnews will bring you the most accurate and up to date news available, helping you to make informed and educated decisions to set you and your family up for the most success in the year 2023!

Let us know what your thoughts are on the next catalyst coming for the crypto market and the upcoming bull run we all have waited so patiently for.

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    OG Chris

    100% agree! I think ripple will settle with clarity or will win outright in Q1 of 2023. I feel a little bit of turbulence in the short term due to the FTX shitshow but will start an uptrend not long after the ripple outcome

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